Full Set ChiaoGoo Bamboo Crochet Hooks


These Chiaogoo bamboo crochet hooks are a pleasure to use. Well balanced and just the right amount of slipperiness. They have a well defined throat and a goldilocks head. (Not too pointy, not too blunt)

Each of the precision engineered needles has it's size laser etched on the side so it won't rub off during usage

Save on postage and packing costs by getting all your lovely bamboo hooks at the same time.

Full set of 11 hooks in the following sizes :

US Size   mm Size

    E           3.50

    F             3.75

    G           4.00

    H             5.00

      I             5.50

      J             6.00

      K             6.50

      L             8.00

      M           9.00

      N         10.00

      P           1 1.50