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IN STOCK NOW and available to purchase from our shop.  Click below to go straight there (or click on pic to browse our shop):


IN STOCK NOW and available to purchase from our shop.  Click below to go straight there (or click on pic to browse our shop):


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"We had a sisters' birthday treat with Ginny for four beginner adults learning crochet for three hours. Let me say, it was wonderful! The time absolutely flew past, and from the point of view of a person who has previously tried twice to get friends to show her how to crochet and failed to make any progress whatsoever, I was amazed how Ginny's teaching style just made sense and I can now do three different stitches and I'm chuffed to bits! It was a lovely, peaceful interlude out of a busy holiday - but fun too, with a little happy banter just rounding off the comfortable experience. There were crafting things to buy which got the tiniest of mentions so no pressure to choose anything. It was easy to find with good free parking. The crafting room was very comfortable with warm drinks and a nice loo. And outside, some very amusing chickens! All in all a really unique and special experience for us all. Thank you Ginny!"
Caroline Fishpool on an Introduction to Crochet Workshop

Love this shop great prices and great customer service , will definitely buy from here again."  Julie Buckingham 

  "Having purchase one of these from Crafty Rhino, all I can say is it is absolutely Fabulous. it stays where you put it,spins gently so your yarn doesn't come tumbling off onto the floor and it looks great. Absolutely"

Lorraine Price commenting on

the Chiaogoo yarn butler

"After a lifetime of knitting, I decided to learn to crochet. I didn’t find it easy at first, but Ginny is very patient and it was amazing how quickly we got through stitches and techniques. After about 5 lessons it suddenly started to click and I’m now making granny squares for England/Wales! Ginny is a great teacher. The classes are relaxed and at a nice pace. I thoroughly recommend ☺️"

Sara Latham

on Beginners' Crochet Tuition at Crafty Rhino Spring 2024


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Dear EU customers, 

Since 1 July 2021 all EU countries have imposed a tax on purchases from the United Kingdom. The tax is different in each EU country, and is levied on all online purchases from the UK with a value of £150 or less.  In order for small UK businesses to collect this tax, we are asked to register with an EU country to pay the tax back, and return it monthly to that country through an intermediary.  For a small business such as mine, this process would prove too expensive and time consuming, and means that collecting this tax is just not possible.    
As a result of this, all orders of £150 or less will arrive in EU countries with the tax to pay when it arrives, and presumably on delivery.  I apologise if this is an inconvenience to our EU customers, as you are highly valued, and have been a very important part of our small business since opening in March 2020.
If you are an EU customer, you have 2 options:

 1 is to order from the shop here and pay the tax on delivery; 

2 is to go to our Etsy shop at to make your purchases, where Etsy can collect the tax for you at the point of checkout.

Ginny Glenn 10.08.2021