Blocking Pins for Knitting and Crochet


A lovely and useful lightweight little tin safely housing 100 x 38mm (1.5") T-pins that are perfectly suited for blocking your woolies, and sporting our lovely Crafty Rhino logo. The pins inside are strong stainless steel with a good point on them, so they are perfect for cleanly and snag-free pinning your garments your blocking mats or boards, whilst being resistant to rusting or flaking, unlike some coated or plated pins on the market.
The tin itself has a screw top lid so falls and accidents won't result in pins all over the place, or in bent or damaged pins, and the tin is very eco-friendly in that it can be repurposed and used for storing a multiple of bits and bobs. The tin has also been chosen for it's thin profile, so will slide easily into project bags etc
The tin dimensions are 83mm (3.25") diameter; 27mm (1") depth. Each pin is 38mm (1.5") long.